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What are your thoughts on this guy?

I was recently surprised to hear about screenings of the film "Shooting Michael Moore" canceled for fear of protests.

Michael Moore supporters protesting a documentary film??

Seems a little ironic to me, but it just goes to show you that when it comes to Michael Moore, local folks are passionate... one way or another.

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He's GREAT!!!
It does sound pretty ironic. Overall, this guy seem to superb. I guess we'll just wait for further progress on his activities though. Collections Etc.
We are all mixed blessings; it is a matter of balance. When all is said and done, I think MM more than justifies his existence in this world. Those who hate him, hate many other things as well, and poison themselves in the process. If those haters were the target of such hatred, I wonder how they would react...Look in the mirror.
he is alright by me...but then again so was Dillinger
Keep stirring-the-pots, Mike!



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