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Recognize this li'l rascal from the "75 Ways to Love Summer" feature in the June 2009 issue of Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine?

Sure, his feet are cemented together, but Gnorth the Gnome is out roaming the Great North as we speak. We'll tell you where he's hiding each week through August 1st, 2009. You just find him, snap your picture with him, and upload in the comments section below.* You'll instantly be entered to win an "I'd Rather Be Up North" T-shirt emblazoned with a portrait of his Gnome-ness.**

* You will need to join our Community to add a photo to this forum. It's free and it's easy. Then, to upload your photo with the Gnome, click on the blue-and-green photo icon on the toolbar below and simply browse for your photo. Feel free to write a little blurb about your encounter!
** Winners chosen at random weekly. We'll contact you via your Community membership to inform you if you've won.


July 20, 2009 Gnorth knows there is nothing like sweet cherries right off the tree, so he headed to King Orchards, 4620 N M-88, Central Lake, 231-544-6479, where the U-Pick is in full swing.
Gnorth Knows... "The King family says the tart cherries will be ready for picking by Tuesday, the 21st. It’s going to be a great year for u-pick tart cherries, so get rolling on your pie crusts. Or whip up a Northern Michigan tart cherry barbecue sauce!

July 1, 2009 This just in! Gnorth has high tailed it to the Dockside, 6340 Old Torch Lake Dr., on beautiful Torch Lake, just in time for the Holiday weekend. Sit with him for a sunset, or enjoy some tasty eats before an afternoon out on Torch.
Gnorth Knows... "After a night of fireworks and festivities Sunday is the day to get your bloody mary fix at the Dockside. Sip 'em down, but relax because the Sunday bloody Sunday special runs all day."

June 11, 2009 Latest spotting! Gnorth is hanging under a tree at The River Putt and Paddle in Glen Arbor, 5959 Oak Street, 231-334-PUTT. Smooch the Gnome, then after a game of mini-golf, rent a kayak or canoe and paddle the Crystal River, which winds 11 miles through the pine and cedar forests of the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park.
Gnorth Knows..."When you come to three culverts running under the road, it’s time to shoot the tube. You could opt to portage, but it’s more fun to point your bow at the middle of the three tubes (make sure everyone has a life vest on, fastened tightly), pull in your paddle, hunch down low and let the current whisk you through. You’ll shoot out into swirling water on the other end. Paddle hard on the right to make the river’s dogleg left, or you’ll crash into an old logjam. But don’t panic—paddlers have been shooting these culverts for over a half-century and the worse anyone has come out of them is wet!"

May 28, 2009 Higgins Store, 9105 Helena Rd., Alden, Mich., 49612
Gnorth the Gnome Knows..."Grand Traverse Bay Cherry Fudge ice cream from Higgins Store in Alden is IT! Amaretto ice cream with local cherry pieces and thick fudge swirls, it’s no wonder they go through 9 tubs of this flavor a week!"

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What are the health implications of a gnome's feet in your ice cream? :)
I'm here to confess that I am now a true believer in Gnorth the Gnome. Yesterday he wiped the ice cream off his hard little feet and moved from the Higgins Store in Alden down to The River at Crystal Bend in Glen Arbor. Let me tell you, Gnorth is going to be having some Gfun there. The River is part old-fashioned putt-putt golf course and part canoe and kayak livery. Owners Michael and Becky Sutherland don't stop there with the family fun they offer at this idyllic spot on the Crystal River. But go ahead and check it out yourself—and while you're there don't forget to find Gnorth and have your photo taken with him, then download it here.

When I saw Gnorth he was frolicking with the guests of a Leelanau Chamber after-hours party that was held at The River last night. He smiled for photos so many times I think his cheeks are frozen in place—wait, that's how he always looks ... Watch for photos from that fun evening to show up here. In the meantime, here's a pix of Michael and Becky with Gnorth:

The Gnome is loving his time at The River. After he played 18 holes of minature golf, he polished Petoskey Stones, mastered Luna Stix and had a Paddle Board lesson on the Crystal River. To top it off he roasted marshmellows at the Stone fire place and enjoyed his first smore ever. "Life is good!" he says. "Please don't make me go!!!!!!P

Saw this little chap hanging out at The River in Glen Arbor. Now we know why it's called mini-golf.
He's gnot as gnarly as he looks. Actually, a pretty gnice guy, and as the sightings attest, very light on his feet.
It seems as if Gnorth took a hop skip and a ferry across the lake to Mackinac Island. He caught up with pals, browsed the shops, and attempted his luck on a bicycle. But, unfortunately, his cemented feet couldn't reach the pedals, so he feasted on fudge instead.
We caught Gnorth browsing around one of the Island's newest (and cutest) shops, Little Luxuries, exploring Doud's market, and attempting to sneak home on the ferry--now how could we miss that little gnome jumping ship?

After a quick trip to Mackinac, Gnorth is back at The River, in Glen Arbor, gettin' his golf game on!

Gnorth with Little Luxuries store owner, Nicole Smith.

Scoping out Doud's Market

CAUGHT! Red ... hatted? Gnorth heading home.
Look who we found in Little Luxuries....probably buying some gifts for the two new ladies in his life! lucky us!
Emma Fudgie Barickman finds Gnorth the Gnome at the The Dockside. After Gnorth had an accident on her leg, Emma cleaned him up and strapped him in Bitty Baby's car seat, blanket and all. Being that Emma is under age a Bloody Mary for Gnorth was not an option so shared her favorite drink, Boom Chugga Lugga with her new pal Gnorth.



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