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What is Up North's most breathtaking scenic overlook?

I'm a fan of the lush spring green of Deadman's Hill in the Jordan River Valley...where else is worth a spring drive? Or hike for that matter?

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Have to agree with Gtalaga here. Pyramid Point is by far one of the best scenic overlooks that you can also freely hike.
Gabe, thats where I was going to propose to you.
Empire Bluffs, nice hike and nice view! Take a container of bubbles on a windy makes for a great photo op!
Love the view from the patio in front of Leg's Inn. Go there for a wonderful meal and a spectacular view of Lake Michigan, several islands and lighthouses.
It's even better if you can be at Leg's Inn at sunset :)
The porch at the Arcadia Bluffs clubhouse is a pretty nice view! And you can enjoy a meal or a glass of wine while you are taking it all in. If you are lucky, the strolling bagpiper adds some atmosphere as the sun goes down on another perfect day.
The scenic overlook just north of Arcadia on M-22 is one of the best views of Lake Michigan.
There are so many! But one stands out for me that has not been mentioned: The Manistee River High Bank Rollaway. During the logging days, logs were piled at the top of the bank until the spring thaw. Then the logs were rolled down into the river so they would float to the saw mill. Check this link.
Dean Bull
I second Dean's suggestion.
View from the top of Sugarloaf is amazing in all directions!
Yeah it's a really nice place to propose. I love it there. Visited in 97 and was amazed by the beauty as we all didn't quite expect it. Very scenic and even on a cloudy day the views were breathtaking. Actually I'd love to visit at night and we all want to return soon. This year we went on one of those Bahamas packages and although it was extremely beautiful with powder sand beaches and an aquamarine sea I actually prefer Deadmans Hill, not sure about the wife though, she is definately a beach person. Hope to visit again soon.
My favourite view in Northern Michigan has to be the view from the Pictured Rocks in Marquette. Lake Superior is stunning, and stretches for miles, while the rocks themselves are glorious. The alcove at Lover's Leap is really awesome, and if you catch the water on the right day, it's Caribbean Blue.



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