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What makes the list for you? It can be anything from the classic (pan-fried morels) to the questionable (venison, hit by a car off season and hauled home in the trunk) to the super-specific (A Weathervane Bloody Mary, made with pickled asparagus juice, sipped while watching the drawbridge go up).

Pickled fish, sour cherry pie, Moomers black walnut ice cream, fried smelt, maple syrup, Art's Tavern chicken jalapeño soup, Baroni's spaghetti sauce...

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Deering's Jerky on a summer drive. :)
-Vernors float
-Peanut butter/Miracle Whip/iceburg lettuce/white bread sandwich - the perfect picnic sandwich. A family favorite from way back.
-Potato Burger
-Potato sausage (We get ours from Tom's Market... but you have to keep an eye out for it)
Ok, here goes.
Fresh caught smelt
Potato pancakes, made with raw shredded potatoes, not left-over mashed.
Home made sauerkraut
Wild blueberry pie, also wild strawberry and raspberry
Sucker burgers...(don't squeel until you've tried it!)
Fried leeks with wild mushrooms, and, last but not to be forgotten,
Lutefisk and rutabegas!
Dottie, you forgot some of your own Yooper specialties. But I knew you'd remember the sucker burgers! :) How about:

-Pasties, done right: No gravy, no ketchup, straight up with extra beggies, and none of this chicken/cream cheese nonsense.
-Venison jerky
-Wild berries, out of hand, in the woods
-Raw maple sap (just to say you did)
-Milk straight from the cow
-Juusto, AKA coffee cheese
-Pigweed, sauteed with garlic
-Trenary Toast with strong coffee
-Fried fish roe
-Fishboil over an open fire
-Sayklly's candy from Escanaba
-Juniper berries
-Kroppkaka (Swedish potato-meat dumplings)
Oh, the pigweed! That's the best one. How could I forget that? It's fabulous!
Dottie- we (in the art department) love teasing Diane about the Sucker Burgers!
- Nettle soup
- a fresh picked morel and leek omelette
- grilled peanut butter, jelly, and banana sandwich (not northern MI specific but damn it's good)
- any sandwich on pretzel bread from that place in Leland (somebody help with the name)
- pancakes on your last morning while camping on North Manitou
- Lissa's grandmother's coleslaw - which she (Lissa) still won't provide the recipe for.
- Coho cafe's Turkey Reuben - cuz the coleslaw on it is even better than Lissa's grandmothers.
- a slice of pizza from Grumpy's market on M-72.
- an apple pie made with apples gathered from an old Sleeping Bear Dunes orchard
- pumpkin risotto
Root Beer Float from any of the brewery's up here that make their own root beer. mmm!
Shake or malt from ... J&S, Don's Drive Inn, or Big Boy hee hee! .... Man, i really want one now.
Whitefish Pate from Burritt's
I have to add the infamous Scottish Eggs in Grand Marais.
walleye cheeks!
Don't forget Dinghy's (Frankfort) turkey legs with coleslaw!
Clancy's Kitchen in Interlochen has a Signature Pancake... shredded sweet potato, dried cherries and a dusting of oatmeal.



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