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What makes the list for you? It can be anything from the classic (pan-fried morels) to the questionable (venison, hit by a car off season and hauled home in the trunk) to the super-specific (A Weathervane Bloody Mary, made with pickled asparagus juice, sipped while watching the drawbridge go up).

Pickled fish, sour cherry pie, Moomers black walnut ice cream, fried smelt, maple syrup, Art's Tavern chicken jalapeño soup, Baroni's spaghetti sauce...

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Clyde's Drive-In Big C Burger!

Shorts Brewery beer--pick a fave ... here's more on that ...
The best dessert there is....Berry Szarlotka at Legs Inn.
Cheese Shack sandwich or Dish's wraps, drinks of choice and Grocer's Daughter's chocolates, along with whatever fruit is at the roadside fruitstands. Fun to pack it in a vintage picnic basket with handpainted local scenes on top, from the village of Cedar.
I have to agree with Diane who said, "Pasties, done right." For me this would be the way my paternal grandmother in Ontonagon made them and the same way she taught my mother to make them. Gravy wasn't even considered and my dad would not allow catsup on the same table with the pasties. Then there is the Vernor's float = YUM! The fresh apple and cherry pies made by my mother - the best pie maker in the world using only fresh picked Michigan fruit.

Lindy, whose mouth is really watering right now. :-D
Pasties the way my paternal grandmother in Ontonagon taught my mother to make them , Vernor's float with real vanilla ice cream, real MI maple syrup, a plate full of fried smelt - nothing else - maybe some homemade cole slaw, fresh Morels. YUM!!!!!!!!
I skimmed most of the responses...but what about the rhubarb?!
Rhubarb upside down cake; cubed rhubarb in the bottom of the cake pan with a dash of sugar and with home-made yellow cake poured on top. So simple, yet so good!

Pancakes with gingergold or honeycrisp apples added to the batter.
Cherries fresh from the stand.

I can see the responses vary by region-and I love that about our state. We have so many great things here-food is just one!
Norconk's asparagus (Empire) and beef jerky from Gabes Market in Maple City- two family favorites!



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