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What's your favorite Up North song? Though it can have Michigan in the lyrics or be about Michigan specifically, it doesn't have to be. Perhaps it's related to a specific memory, a feeling you get when you're here, or an artist that's associated with the area. Go!

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yes, troydesh, absolutely River by Joni Mitchell. Love to hear the haunting jingle bells chords driving on snowy roads, too!
Sarah McLachlan does a nice version of River on her Christmas album from (I believe) last year - it's her only one if that helps. She also does a version of Lightfoot's " A Song for a Winter's Night" on the same album, timely for this discussion and the season...if you go to You Tube, there's a great video with Lightfoot's original version...
Gordon Lightfoot reminds me of the North as soon as we would pass Clare, the "Gateway to the North", my dad would pop in the cassette tape and we would listen to "Carefree Highway" and "Sundown"....those songs still remind me of being up north
Girl of the North Country by Bob Dylan. John Gorka does a great cover on A Nod To Bob. Added it to my music if you'd like to check it out.
Constellations, a song by Jack Johnson (from In Between Dreams) a fan, sure I know he's talking about his Hawaiian home and surf...but this song's first and forever imprinting into my brain was after my wife bought the CD for a nine-day trip in Leelanau. We listened to nothing else. When Johnson sings about his family and friends gathering around a beachfire, listening to stories, hearing the lap of waves and children's distant laughter while watching the stars, that's universal. Now it's our Up North soundtrack. It rolls all my memories into one; walking the shoreline barefoot with my wife and children, the sinking red sun, the sillouettes of North and South Manitou, when we are gathered in the gloaming...
ok, i've got a new one.

listen to All Alright by Sigur Ros on a winter walk and i guarantee you'll have to thaw the tears from your face by the time you reach your destination.

(all my favorites are for winter listening, i guess--go figure.)
My favorite Up North song (or just Michigan song) has to be State of Mine by Mustard's Retreat. It is also on my page if you want to hear it there.
Bob Seeger's Roll Me Away has that line 12 hours out of Mackinac City ...always makes me think of Michigan and has a Michigan attitude even though it talks about the great plains ...
Jim Crockett's Manistee River



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