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I am interested in knowing if anyone else has experienced possible paranormal activity at the old ranger's residence in the park. My family and I stayed there recently and everything was fine except for strange happenings in the back west-facing bedroom with the sets of bunks. On the first night my wife slept on the bottom bunk by the window, our three children were in the others, and I slept out on the futon in the living-room. I slept fine, but my wife came to me in the morning while we were all eating breakfast and pulled me aside to tell me about her horrible night. She said that at about 3:30 she awoke to the  overwhelming sensation of tingles over her whole body, she remained still because she was scared, and then it felt as if someone was laying on her, at which point she began to pray. Eventually it went away, and she toughed out the rest of the night. Well, I decided that I would sleep in that bed that night. First of all, I couldn't get comfortable for the life of me, and something was bothering my 1-1/2 year old, who is a very good sleeper. I had to keep soothing him and laying him back down in his crib. Then I would return to the bed, only to lay there and wait for sleep to come. The whole time , it felt as if I were in the company of someone else, I was just very uneasy. I finally fell asleep, and then about 4:00 I awoke to the same sensation that my wife described. It was the most intense, goosebump type/ tingles/shivers I've ever felt. It started at the top of my head and went right down my body. It didn't go away for about 30 seconds. During this time, I was purposely looking around me searching for any visual evidence. As I sat up and started to say some prayers it all went away. Now, I was really up for the night, it was impossible to fall back asleep. I just watched the kids sleep, and couldn't wait for morning to come. I shared my experience with everyone, and it made for great conversation and pondering all day. I suggested that someone else stay in the bed that night for the sake of research, but there were no takers. I was there with my wife and three children, my sister and her daughter from overseas, and my mother and father. Anyway, I absolutely wanted to sleep there again the third night, and it started out better. I actually fell asleep with no problem. But at 4:30, I awoke very abruptly, opened my eyes to look around, and then the tingling began, it was so intense that it felt as if you were plugged in to some electrical device. Not painful, but strong, along with the sense of a presence nearby. I began talking out loud again, addressing whoever or whatever this was. As I continued talking and praying, it left slowly. I quickly went into the others rooms and told them it had just happened again. I decided that for the rest of the morning I would sleep in the other bottom bunk with my 5 year old. It was uneventful, and very comfortable. The experience was very powerful, and it has been all I can think about since. I have been trying to research the history of the building, and can find nothing. I wonder when it was built, who lived there, if anything bad or violent happened there. The address is 130 Cambridge, even though technically it's 400 Lowell, which is the address of the Charles Mears State Park, it's the lodge they rent out. Someone out there has to know something about that building. Or perhaps someone out there has experienced something similar...????  Anyone?

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Mears State Park Pentwater, MI. I seen your article two days before we left but did not mention it to my two daughter's and grandchildren.  I knew my two daughters would not stay there.  We stayed June 28 to July 5th. 2013.  Thirty eight of my family and 3 friends stayed in the park and 8 of us stayed in the lodge.  My granddaughter went into the bedroom with the twin beds and later could not unlock the door.  We finally had to call the Ranger and he could not open it.  He left to get a ladder so Ashley could get out of the room.  We finally opened it my pushing back and forth.  The Ranger then sprayed all the lock's on the doors  as he said sand gets into them.  Later, the same thing happened to my daughter in the bathroom.  She about knocked the door down and it finally opened.  We put masking tape on all the doors.   During one night my oldest daughter thought she heard a women 's voice  and woke my other daughter in the twin bedroom up. She heard it also  I found them sleeping together with their door open and the light on in the room early next morning.  One night in the large bedroom I woke up and felt like someone was holding my right leg down very hard.  It lasted for 2 minutes and then stopped.  I told my husband about it and we decided not to tell the children as they would of packed and left.   We had my son's 50th. Birthday Party there and a Cherry spitting contest.  Lake Michigan did not warm up much that week and down to 45 and very few ventured into the water.   I would still recommend the Lodge to everyone.  

Wow Virginia! That is something! Yeah, we really like the actual lodge, but wouldn't be too eager to go back unfortunately. I wonder what the history of that building is......

I wrote them after we returned as they really need to replace the locks on the bedroom and bathroom doors.  If a small child got locked in a room it would be a terrifying experience.



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