Michigan Iraq Veterans

  • Carrie,
    I’m not in the military. I’m only in this group because I interviewed Michelle (she is the one pictured above) for a story for Traverse Magazine. I was bowled over at the way we have seemed to have forgotten about our veterans. I got so many emails from people who had known Michelle in the military but lost track of her that I thought…[Read more]

  • Lissa, I haven’t met Michelle. I don’t see her on here, but it is amazing just how many veterans are in Michigan, but many so humble that you have no idea and it is hard sometimes to spot the women because it is not as typical.

    Yes, that is our son, Owen in the picture-that’s us playing at the Torch Lake Day park down the street from our house a…[Read more]

  • Carrie,
    Thanks for writing. Have you met/corresponded with Michelle Rudzitis? She’s the incredible woman who alerted me to the other incredible veterans we have in Michigan–I’m honored to comment in this group.

    Is that your son in the photo? He’s darling. I can’t imagine the sacrifices it would take to raise children when one or both parents are…[Read more]

  • Hi Lissa! I am an Air Force and MI Air Guard Vet. I was in for 9 years-got out in 2006, but my husband is still in the MI Air NAt’l Guard as an F-16 Crew Chief. He has been to Iraq twice. I was active for the beginning of the Iraqi Freedom but was stateside-at Selfridge. I was in Saudi in 2000 while Active duty, but anyway, thought I’d say hi! I…[Read more]

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