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Traverse City Film Fest: Day 6 Recap

I walked in late to my first event of the day today, the interview with Paul Mazursky, at the City Opera House. This is the kind of honest detail that I hesitate to include here; it shows that I may be just mediocre at my job, but, let me say, I was not Traverse Magazine/’s only representation at the event.

Mazursky is an actor, writer and director, whose credits include starring in Stanley Kubrick's first film, directing… Continue

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Traverse City Film Fest: Day 5 Recap

A hard week of work (work here meaning attending a lot of movies and interesting panels that you would go to anyway) has left me exhausted, and, no matter how much I love the Film Fest, I do have another job that decided to gently beat me over the head with some unwanted hours today, and yesterday, and the day before.

So, I stumbled in to the comedy panel at the City Opera House this morning with a bad attitude and the little crusties still in the corners of my eyes. My mood didn’t… Continue

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Traverse City Film Fest: Day 3 Recap

I think I may be trailing Michael Moore around Traverse City. That, or the man has a successful human cloning lab running that he hasn’t told anyone about. Aside from introducing Big Fan Wednesday night, Moore was at two of the three events I attended today (July 30): the “Palestine and Vine” panel and the screening of Rachel a Gaza-set documentary that immediately followed it.

The week’s panels, at the Opera House, are a fun amalgam of film related topics, but I don’t… Continue

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Traverse City Film Fest: Day 2 Recap

After a morning in the Traverse office, I booked it (read, biked it) over to the Centerpoint building on north M-22 for the first of the festival’s Film School seminars. I was excited about this; I’d written about it beforehand, this is the first year the festival is offering these classes and the topic (screenwriting) appealed to me.

The truth is that anyone who writes for a living: technical writers, Bloomsberg financial news reporters, or PR specialists, thinks they have the… Continue

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Traverse City Film Fest: Day 1 Recap

I continue to be impressed with the variety the Film Fest is offering this week. I, who shuffle down city streets with my pockets turned out (I have no money and no place among the beautiful people), have attended a carnival on Front Street, a seminar by a world class screenwriting professor, a panel on Palestinian filmmaking and a pair of great independent films, with the promise of more to come.

But this is a day 1 recap. The film festival began for most of us at around 5 p.m. on… Continue

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Challenge the Intern

Recent federal scrutiny into hazing and initiation practices has really put a damper on the intern experience here at I started work here a few weeks ago expecting to undergo brutal tests of endurance and fortitude to earn my place, but I was disappointed to find a friendly office environment that has unconditionally accepted me. The epic initiation I had expected never came: no tests, no challenges. That’s why I’m turning to you. Please haze me.

[Hazing is endorsed by… Continue

Added by Nathan Harris on June 10, 2009 at 2:53pm — 4 Comments


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