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More Shipwrecks in Sleeping Bear Dunes

Spring must be here. I was wading in Lake Michigan this morning! I had been told about a shipwreck that had washed up on the shore near Port Oneida, so I went out to see for myself. Sure enough, there were actually two of them close enough to shore that you can see them from the dry sand. But to get a good picture, I needed to wade in to my knees. It didn't take long for my legs to go completely numb.

This one is about 100 yards north of the Lane Road stairway and is very close to the historic site of the Port Oneida dock. One of the old dock pilings is just feet away and the wreck is close to the shore.

Walk back to the stairs and then keep walking south another 100 yards or so and look into Lake Michigan. This one is about 20 yards off shore but you can still see it from the beach.

Closer inspection shows some of the steel rods used to hold the timbers together.

Most of our shipwrecks are pretty difficult to get to, but these are just a few steps from your car. Might be worth the trip to Port Oneida to do a little "Treasure Hunting".


Kerry Kelly

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Comment by Trish Petrat on April 11, 2011 at 9:56am
Thanks Kerry for these photos and for sharing the shipwreck info. I can't believe you waded out there! Someone should get you a pair of fishing waders if you're going to be wading into Lake Michigan in April!


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