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The best way to deal with a Michigan winter? play outside!
We build an igloo for the first time using the ICEBOX® tool.
Recorded here with 2523 digital stills and compiled in iMovie.
Music: Don Taylor Music © 2002-2009
find out more about the ICEBOX® at:
see more of Ken's photographic work at:


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Comment by Ken Scott on March 8, 2009 at 10:34pm
Hi Neal,

Thanks for the kudos on the movie! it was a blast to make(the igloo and the movie ;-)
There is definately a learning curve to getting the technique down ... and the more you
work with the same people, the better you get. Our first one, an 8'er, we kept switching off on jobs
and had to start over learning how to work with each other ... it slowed the process down
and took over 10 hrs! we probably ought to have started with a 7'er.
The tool is set up so that you can make an igloo in any size from
7-11ft! you just choose the size before you start so it's set up correctly. The top can be
tricky on the larger ones(over 8'), but it's amazing what you can do with snow when you learn
the science behind it. We were working with sugar snow that you couldn't make a snow ball with
and got it to bond like cement by proper technique!(that was part of the slow down too, learning the technique). There is a ton of info on the web site and igloo Ed is a very approachable/helpfull guy.
Tell him I sent you :-)
I made a solo 7' one that took about 5hrs(I'm still learning!). I'll post a clip when I can find
an audio track to go with it.

good luck with your research.

Comment by Neal Fellows on March 8, 2009 at 9:42pm
Your iMovie is very cool. We've been thinking about getting one of these for a year. How many hours would you say it took to build? What were the final dimensions? And how tough was it to finish the top? Really enjoyed this. Great nighttime effects!


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