Halloween Up North

So, my family (wife and 4 kids – 10, 8, 5, 3) will be in the TC Area for Halloween this year. We’re excited – I’ve never traveled for Halloween, so packing costumes will be a new experience. Where is the best place to go for trick or treating?

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  1. We always go in the downtown neighborhoods. I know from past experiences that 11th street is a good spot and 5th Street too. (Pretty much any of the east – west running streets on the west side of Union Street.)The people are pretty into it and most decorate their houses and yards. There are a couple houses on 11th that really go all out and make a “haunted yard”. And I remember a few on 5th also went all out last year. I hear Washington Street is also a good place to go although I have never been. Anyway, the downtown neighborhoods really give you a small town vibe.

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