Renewable Energy and How Important It Is. (Original Post from 10/06/08)

Today, I will be at the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) Bill signing near Lansing. This is an important bill because it contains language on net metering and energy efficiency income tax credits. This Bill is about 90 pages long, so if anyone wants to discuss it in greater detail, let me know and we can discuss that also. I was invited by the Governor to attend this historic event because of my leadership in Green Building and Renewable Energy useage in new home concstruction and remodeling in the State of Michigan.

This bill has taken a long time to come about. I remember at the Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association’s (GLREA) Michigan Energy Fair back in June, there was talk that the Governor was going to sign the RPS Bill at the Energy Fair in Onekama. That whole idea was canceled when the legislature stalled the Bill out the night before the Energy Fair. This was a major disappointment to the Executive Director of the GLREA, Jennifer Alvarado, because she has been the driving force on this historic RPS/net metering bill.

When the Governor came to Onekama for the Michigan Energy Fair, I was fortunate enough to spend some time with her at a gathering before she spoke at the Energy Fair. During this time, we talked about Green Building, Renewable Energy, and Energy Efficiency and how important it was to start getting tax credits into the language of bills like this. I am happy to see we have taken a small step forward. At the Michigan Energy Fair, I was given a tribute from the State of Michigan and Governor Granholm recognizing my work and my Team’s work with green building and renewable energy. Because of this tribute and being recognized as a leader in Michigan, I was invited to attend this Bill signing.

If you ask the experts on this Bill, you will see that it may not have been worded exactly like the original Bill, but we all agree that it is a step in the right direction. This is a very important bill and will help shape the economic future of our state.

Check back here to see how the bill signing went. I have to go from Lansing to Traverse City and then back down towards Muskegon today, so this report might be posted sometime tomorrow.

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  1. Hybrid Home Guy– just to let you know we’ve finally posted our video on the Energy Fair … I must say there was so much going on there that it was difficult to fit all of it in … We included a short version of the Governor’s speech. Is there interest in having the whole speech there?

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