Canoe Shoes!

Did you know that the largest shoe in the world made for a real person was made right here in Manistee? Yep, the shoes were built in 1940 for Robert Wadlow (also the world’s tallest man at 8’11”) during his visit here. Unfortunately, Mr Wadlow died of an infected blister before he could pick up his size 37AA shoes. Is it possible that the world’s longest coffin was also made here? I’m not going anywhere in particular with this factoid – I just came across it and it struck my fancy.

Here’s another thought that struck my fancy this week, because it appealed to my conviction that we in Manistee County have to help ourselves through tough times. It’s a quote from the executive at the McMinnville, OR Chamber of Commerce, “Tough times favor tough people. At the Chamber, we leverage the force of our individual member businesses in to a powerful coalition which works for you when times are good and works even harder for you when they are not!” That’s an example I’m pleased to say we’re following here! Have a prosperous week and amaze your customers with extraordinary service!

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