Isn’t that how we think of each new year – as an opportunity to renew our commitments to health, to family, to work? I have always loved celebrating the New Year (the style in which I celebrate may be a little more…prudent… than in years past) because it feels like the coming year can be anything I want it to be.

We face incredible challenges as we plan to do business in 2009 – no need to list them here. In order to keep the doors open and the lights on, each of us has to carefully review where we put our time, money and resources. This month, many Chamber members will receive their renewal invoice and we expect that you will give this the same scrutiny you would any other “optional” business expense. A close look will make it clear that in times like these you need a strong chamber more than ever and we need you in order to be strong. So, please renew your commitment to the Chamber this year. We have already renewed our commitment to you!

OK then, let’s get started! Happy New Year!

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