A February Manifesto: Day Three

February Policy #3: Get out your camera and go

The days are getting longer. Blue sky days bring warmer suns and chirping birds;

the returning snows, reminders of the groundhog’s shadow, line trees like powdered sugar.

Winter may not have the bright hues and vibrant feeling of summer Up North, but it does have beauty– a simple, humble, unpretentious beauty.

And besides, if you take your camera out into the fields and forests to capture nature at its frozen finest, you just might return home to catch your boys– wearing their sister’s hats– in a moment of utter silliness and joy. Perfection (well, it would be, if you remember to edit out a gross pile of worn out socks missing mates that happen to be hanging out on a chair in the background. Ahem).

*Days One and Two can be found here and here…stay tuned for tomorrow…Chocolate is involved!

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