bytes, killa-mega-giga–how big was that again??

After consulting with my good friend and computer-well-versed buddy Chris Holz, I have a much better handle on the sizes of data in my computer…

If a byte is one square inch, it is roughly the size of a postage stamp That means that a kilo-byte is about the size of a 4 by 8 sheet of plywood–or drywall if you prefer. A mega byte is then about the size of a city lot, big enough to build a house on. A Giga-byte is then the size of sixty-eight football fields–each football field is about an acre, so you could build a rather impressive shopping center or, preferably a large park with playground equipment and baseball fields, soccer fields, etc. I think many golf courses are about 40 acres, so that would be under a ‘giga’.

There, boys and girls, that is your lesson for today. You are welcome.


(that is my drooling smirk)

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