Ice Skating on President’s Day

I wrote my last post, An Inland Lake Ice Rink Odyssey, on a spring-like day as I contemplated the effect on our ice rink of unbelievably warm weather and snow on the horizon. Neither of which portended well for pulling out any ice skating in the foreseeable future.

The snow did come. The festivals all over Northern Michigan got a lovely fresh coat of snow and temperatures cold enough to sustain the stunning ice sculptures still lining Front Street in Traverse City. The North American VASA, a premiere cross-country ski event, came off as planned. It was a wonderful turn of events after the thaw and drizzle earlier in the week.

We scraped the snow off the ice rink early Saturday morning and to our surprise, we had skate-able ice. We skated on Valentine’s Day evening, only having to avoid a smaller portion where adults broke through. It was cold and clear and we decided to resurface after everyone had gone home. Sunday morning, we had beautiful ice. And by Sunday night, it was outstanding. Today is President’s Day. The sun is shining in blue skies dotted by wispy white clouds. There is no school and a day of skating is on the agenda.

Will the skating last beyond today? I have no idea. But here’s a short look at Sunday morning as the six of us reveled in sunshine, fresh air and truly wonderful ice. (Look closely and you’ll see three white sails on the horizon: Ice boaters).

The gale force winds, the cracks, the disasters, the endless shoveling and snow blowing, the soaking feet and blow torching. Was it worth it for this? What do you think?

Sunday Morning Inland Lake Hockey

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