Keep ‘Em Coming!

Mike Howard, owner of Rosie’s Place in Bear Lake and Chamber Director, says I better learn to love snow, since I live in west Michigan. He’s probably got a point – whining does not seem to make the snow stop. So, I’m developing a list of reasons to love snow.

1. Lots of snow is essential for a strong winter tourist season.
2. Lots of snow helps to raise water levels in our lakes.
3. The Mobil station across the street from the Chamber office (owned by Blarney Castle Oil Co.) pumps my gas for me and kicks the snow out of my wheel wells. It’s a couple cents more per gallon, but I think it’s 34 cents well spent!

Ok, that’s all I’ve come up with so far – I need help! Email your reasons to love snow in Manistee County to me and we’ll include them in Chamber Notes (along with you name and company) as long as you keep ‘em coming and there’s snow on the ground!

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