Manifesto Day Six: Be one with your inner bookworm

February Policy #6: Read. A lot.

Perhaps more than anything else that winter brings– the serene stillness of the woods behind our house, the shush, shush, shush of cross country skis on a freshly cut trail, the red cheeks and snow-covered hats of my children– I love the space it creates to sit back and read.

Books that pile up in my “to read” list all summer (and fall, for that matter) get dusted off and poured through in this season that calls us to tuck in early, that is cold enough to force us to turn inward– even if one of the best places to read is outside, as I learned this year (thanks for that, Jeff).

Watching Noah discover this natural rhythm of winter reading almost takes my breath away. Really, it does. He curls up nightly on the floor by a fire, or hides three book lights strategically around his bed to carry words into sleep with him. He gets up early, races to the couch after school, and sometimes just meanders through the house, his latest adventure or an old Calvin and Hobbes open in his hand.

The extra sweet part of just letting yourself fall into a good book? When you can cuddle up with your kids and read until you all fall asleep. Ah, now that, my friends, is heaven.

Some great books I’ve been reading this winter:
Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson
Foreskins Lament by Shalom Auslander (don’t let the title freak you out– this is sooo funny).
Middle Place by Kelly Corrigan
Out Stealing Horses by Per Petterson
Too Much of a Good Thing: Raising Children of Character in an Indulgent Age by Daniel Kindlon
The Blessing of a Skinned Knee by Wendy Mogel

Some great books my husband has read this winter:
Might as Well Win By Johan Brunell
First Daughter By Eric VanLustbader
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo By Steig Larsson
Ten Points by Bill Strickland (this is a bike book too, for you gearheads)
Stone Cold by David Baldacci
Rigged By Ben Mezrich
Inside the Postal Bus by Michael Barry (yes, yes, as in the US Postal Cycling Team)

Some great books my kids have read this winter:
(Noah’s picks…he’s nine)
The Borrowers by Mary Norton
The Percy Jackson Series (again) by Rick Riordan
Sign of the Beaver by Elizabeth George Speare
Elijah of Buxton by Christopher Curtis
(Max’s picks…he’s four)
The Kingfisher Book of Fairy Tales by Vivian French
Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie (but monitored for parts that might be too scary…)
The Complete Tales by Beatrix Potter
Star Wars (anything with that title works)
Skippy Jon Jones– because they are just as fun to read!
(Lizzie’s picks…she’s one)
More, More, More by Vera Williams
Bark George! by Jules Feiffer
Owl Moon by Jane Yolan (um, okay, I have read this to each of my kids since birth to ensure they grow to love it as much as I do).

In the Harbor Springs/Petoskey area, we’re blessed with amazing independent book sellers…Find one in your area and you’ll never run out of great reads to lose yourself in this February.

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  1. If you get over to Suttons Bay, check out Brilliant Books downtown…great book store, ran by very helpful (and charming) people…then treat yourself to Leelanau raclette at Martha’s Table down the street…

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