Up North Rock-a-bye

Since our three children are well past the polken and plastic skis stage, we lent ours to our neighbors in Glen Arbor, Bob and Stephanie Sutherland, to use with their infant and toddler sons. I can’t help sharing the email Bob sent me this morning. He never does say whether Colebrook went right to sleep when they got home. My guess is that all the Sutherlands slept well.

Thanks so much for loaning the skis and polken.
Monday night, we took Colebrook out skiing at 8 pm on the lower
trail. He hasn’t been going to bed easily so we thought we’d try
tiring him out. We put on his skis in the house and carry him to the
car …

He has not xc skied yet, so we are a little nervous that we are taking him out in
the dark for the first time, but we have a headlight. We start down
the trail about 20 feet and he is doing well. But he says, “Mom
stop. Dad stop. I go.” And he heads down the trail all by himself!
And that’s how he skis the next 15 minutes, out in front of us 40
yards. In the dark, with the snow glowing around him and soft flakes
falling. He is super independent. He’d fall, sometimes get up
himself, sometimes would need our help. Toward the end, he was
sliding pretty well.
We ended up going half way. It was really fun. Thanks
Bob Sutherland
Cherry Republic
1.800.206.6949 x2235

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