Whine Blog Issue II

So my first blog wasn’t so bad so I thought I would continue… this issue will be about some of the “odd” questions or conversations that we have experienced at Ciccone Vineyards during our tasting hours or on the phone. When we have those busy days in the summer at the end of the day after we have locked the door and poured a glass of wine we usually sit and compare the stories of what happened to each of us throughout the day, it is always good for a laugh!

1) This conversation works right now because of the winters hours we have at Ciccone’s. We are open on Saturdays only 12pm -5pm but someone is usually in the office during the week working on something, this conversation took place during one of those mid-week phone calls.
“How late are you open?” well we are not open right now we are only open on Saturdays from 12pm -5pm “you mean you are there but not open” yes sir you can visit us this Saturday. “Are you open on Sunday?” No just Saturdays. “You are not open on Monday?” No sir just Saturdays “Oh okay”

2) Our tasting at Ciccone’s is that you buy the $5 logo glass and that includes about 5 maybe six different tastings our choice. We usually also try to explain before the tasting begins that our wines tend to be on the dryer side of the scale but they are fruity but this conversation usually happens anyway.
“So you don’t have any sweet wines?” well not really, they are fruity and maybe on the end of the semi-sweet range. “Okay well I will taste” great we run through the wines get the comments, maybe a face or maybe they found one they liked but at the end of the tasting this is what we usually hear ” None of those wines were sweet” IT NEVER FAILS!

We have a very big heavy front door and yes I will admit that with the kind of handle it has it looks very much like it should be pull kind of door but sadly (or gladly for me) it is not it is a push door. So many times people walk up and pull no luck they try a couple more times and you see them outside reading the hour sign and saying “they should be open” they try to pull again too. So next we either see them give up and decide to walk around so the back door walk right in and say “you know your front door is locked” and then we have the pleasure of telling them it was a PUSH door and they usually all look at each other sheepishly. If they don’t walk around they will knock or ring the door bell thinking it is an invite only place you must be special but then we of course open the door and say PUSH and the crowd usually erupts in laughter.

We have a very big mirror behind our tasting bar and it fools many people. Many people walk in the door and see a fairly busy tasting room and you see them looking around to see where they can go, many walk all of the way to the other side of the tasting room and look for another door or a way around but they can’t so next they walk back to the way they came and they see a door and they open it and they are met with one of our production rooms. So finally they come to someone at the bar or register and ask “How do we get to the other Tasting Room?” that is when we can look at them sort of quizzically and they say “Yeah we wanna go over to that side” and we get to tell them that they are looking at a mirror.

You have to understand I love all of the people who visit our tasting room. They taste or buy and spread the good word of Ciccone’s but sometimes we see the kooks and we really do appreciate them because they make our day so much better.

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  1. I just wanted to say I loved reading this post. I guess no matter what profession you work in you will always have those special few! I work in health care, and we have those special few 🙂 Just like the staff at Ciccone Vineyards the people I work with also like to tell work stories. Here are some that I think you will like:

    1) I was assisting the doctor with an EKG when all of a sudden the patient looked at the doctor and said, “Excuse me doctor but do you have to put those sticky things (electrodes) on my chest!” The doctor that I assist calmly said, “Yes, Sir unless your heart is in a different spot.”

    2) The doctor that I work for is a young attractive woman she is 28, but she looks much younger so we are always hearing this, “Hey, where’s the REAL doctor?” After she states that she is the doctor, we hear, “Are you like a child prodigy or something?” We have had patients ask to see her ID so they could check her age.

    3) A few months ago a patient came in complaining of chest pain this was a rather large women so of course the medical staff all assumed she was having a heart attack so we ran every test in the book and we just couldn’t find anything wrong. Finally, the doctor noticed a dark spot in her x-ray. The dark spot was under her left breast. So, the doctor said, “I think there is something near your left breast do you mind if I take a look?” In the meantime the patient is like whatever just don’t let me die! When the doctor examined the left breast she pulled out a fork. The patient said oh I feel so much better, and now I know where I dropped my fork from lunch!” The fork had been stabbing her causing the chest pain!

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