Whine Blog — the good, the bad and sometimes the very ugly Issue I

Let me introduce myself I am Jaclyn Eikey Tasting Room Manager ( secretary, personal assistant, events mangager) all around person at Ciccone Vineyard and Winery I have been with Ciccone Vineyards for almost four years and I couldn’t ask for a more fun job. I have learned so much in this business and I can’t wait to learn more.
This is my very first wine blog ever, let alone blogging about my days at Ciccone’s. So if you read and care great, if you don’t read or don’t care oh well….

For this first blog I am going to get this out of the way and hopefully I won’t have to mention it again. Mr. Silvio Tony Ciccone who is the owner and proud winemaker of Ciccone Vineyard and Winery is the FATHER of superstar MADONNA … yes THAT Madonna.

TITLE – It is not ALL about HER…
Frequently Asked Questions about Madonna

1. So is this …. HER winery? Well no Mr. Ciccone is her father and he bought the property and started the vineyard from scratch almost 15 years ago.

2. So she doesn’t own it, she didn’t buy it for him? No Tony retired in 1995 and had a lifelong dream to start a winery and after almost 15 years his dream is very much a reality.

3. Does she visit? Yes as often as she can, she is very busy with three kids, living on two continents and oh yeah running a multi million dollar tour. They go visit her when she is in Chicago or New York.

4. Have you met her? Most of us who have been with Ciccone’s for over a year have met her at some point.

5. Doesn’t she own that property in Bay Harbor? NO

6. Has she ever served behind the bar? Does she help out with the “stomping of the grapes”? Yes she has secretly served behind the bar and loves to help when she can she is very proud of her father’s winery.

7. Is that cross above the fireplace the one in her videos? NO Joan Ciccone loves to antique shop and she found it in Elk Rapids in a store.

8. Do she get along with her family? Yes of course.

9. Is every wine made with Kabbalah water? (for the record it took all we had not to bust out laughing at this man who asked this question) uh… no it is not

10. MY PERSONAL FAVORITE – Who is getting custody of the winery in the divorce (Madonna or Guy Ritchie)? – first of all the staff really wanted to answer with A-Rod but we didn’t think that would help so this was our answer – Neither because it is not involved in the divorce since neither parties own the winery.

11. Do you think Madonna will sing at my wedding? sure of course… NO

12. Wasn’t he a preacher? (they are referring to Mr. Ciccone) No he worked with General Dynamics for almost 40 years traveling all over the world working on the M-1 tanks.

13. Doesn’t she own Blackstar Farms? Come on .. NO

14. Can you give this ( song, poem, card, demo, picture) to Madonna for me? of course … NO

So as you can see we get many and who knows how many more minor questions we have heard but most of these are repeated in different ways.

Ciao for now!

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  1. I know you must love some the questions you get regarding Madonna. The doctor that I assist used to be a Broadway performer and college music teacher. So, the office gets strange questions like, If I make an appointment can she sing for me? Do you think she would be interested in doing a duet with me? Is she dating anyone famous? And I love when someone asks what is her favorite body part?

    The funny thing about this was when she first started working for the office no one really knew anything except she would really kick butt at karaoke at the bars until one day I was sitting at the desk and the doctor was writing med notes when this guy came running up to the desk saying wow I can’t believe it’s you, you are so beautiful, and kissed her on the forehead. I just took it as they knew each other until he asked if he could have her autograph, and what a great singer she was. I was like no wonder why you rock at karaoke!

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