Conservation Subdivisions: Sign the petition!

Over two million acres of natural areas, working farmland, and wildlife lands are lost to development each year in the United States. Sadly, much of this land is lost needlessly due to outdated ordinances requiring “cookie-cutter” subdivision developments.

You can help! Please sign our petition to take conservation subdivisions mainstream to preserve clean water, natural areas, working farmland and wildlife! It will only take you ten seconds.

NOTE: You must have JavaScript enabled on your computer to view petition. If you are unable to view the petition please go directly to the Care2 website to sign our petition.

Thank you for helping protect land and wildlife!

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Kirt Manecke

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2 thoughts on “Conservation Subdivisions: Sign the petition!”

  1. I think that somehow many people who move up north seem to want to keep anyone else from doing the same. I’m fourth generation Yooper my ancestors started the first general store in Hessel MI. I would never want to keep others from moving up to northern MI. I agree that we need to preserve farmlands and other lands. One of the best ways to insure farms is to get active in your local community and make sure they have a farmers market (free of charge) for all local farmers small and large. Then buy your produce from them and encourage your friends and family to do the same. We also need to make sure that farmers are not taxed out of business by our local and state governments.
    I’m sure glad that much of the state is either state forests or national forests and will remain that way forever.

  2. Hi Daniel,
    Yes, I think they call that NIMBY (not in my backyard). People want to hoist the drawbridge after they build their dream home in the country. The farmer’s markets are very important, and one of my favorite places to shop. Great point. Yes, we must encourage our friends to do the same.

    I’m glad we have state and national forests also, but unfortunately there is nothing guaranteeing they remain preserved forever. The federal government has sold thousands of acres of our national forests, and unless our state lands are protected by conservation easements, they could in the future be at risk no different than the 1,800 acre tract of state land that in Grayling that was recently proposed for sale to become an ammusement park. Thank goodness this plan has all but died due to the developer not having the cash if I remember correctly. And great point about keeping taxes low for farmers, so important. Thank you for your great comments! It is very nice to hear from you. Please keep in touch.


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