I am Member, Hear Me Roar!

I think Congressman Pete Hoekstra would be hard-pressed to remember my name, so why does he keep calling me?

Well, okay…Congressman Hoekstra isn’t actually calling me. What he is doing, however, is reaching out to businesses and community leaders throughout the district to communicate about the Economic Stimulus Plan. In the last couple of weeks, the Chamber has been invited to join in a conference call with Congressman Hoekstra to be briefed on the ESP and to ask questions about what the Plan may mean for Manistee County.
An often-overlooked benefit of Chamber membership is access to the political and legislative process that many individual businesses might not otherwise enjoy. Through the Chamber, businesses have a greater opportunity to shape their community and to foster an environment that’s conducive to doing business. Whether it’s improving education, advocating business-friendly legislation or talking to local government leaders about how business might be affected by a proposed action, the Chamber works on behalf of business to make things better in Manistee County.
There’s strength in numbers – and what’s more, there’s volume! This month’s newsletter is full of examples of that strength and volume. With 400 member businesses, we accomplish together what we cannot do individually. Have a powerful March!

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