Manifesto Day Seven: Pause, Play, and Ponder

As I type, the wind seems to be traveling through our living room. Outside, there are huge drifts of snow that, in the light of the garage, look more like the sand dunes we love to gaze at along Sturgeon Bay all summer. It makes me ever so grateful for taking on this task of appreciating February, because as the heavy snowflakes swirl and the temperature continues to drop, I find myself sighing in admiration for the way white wisps snake across our road like smoke, or the trail of a ghost.

I am so at peace with winter right now. And that’s what I’m focusing on tonight– that pause to take in the gems of wisdom nature offers us during these cold, quiet months…

Yes, to pause. And also, to play. Whatever it is you love to do in the winter, get out there and do it. While we may have gotten to ski or sled or make a million snow angels by now, soon enough the sun will feel closer, the drifts will disappear, and we’ll be tucking away our woolies. Somewhat sadly, no less.

Pretend it’s late November, and the blanket of snow outside your door is the first of the season. Go. Play.

February is also a perfect time to ponder the rebirth that will soon happen all around us. Spring can already be heard whispering through the trees as daylight overtakes the dark winter nights.

That whisper reminds us that this is waiting, just beneath the snow.

And when you put that all together folks, it is so, so easy to sit back and embrace the sometimes fierce, often fantastic month moment in which we find ourselves.

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