melting clocks

Sunshine followed yesterday’s blizzard. There are 15-18 inches on the ground, depending on who’s telling the story. Perched overlooking a scenic part of the garden, we have a pair of iron chairs and table, like something you’d see crowding a Parisian sidewalk. The 15 inches of snow atop that table looked like a perfectly round layer cake. Only Dr. Suess size. And when I say layer cake, it looked like it had dozens of layers of crystal filling.

Being a sunny day, the glass on the tabletop warmed up, sending Dr. Suess’s frozen confection sliding. The end affect looked like one of Salvidor Dali’s melted clocks. Somehow the fallen half of the cake remained in tact, held up by an iron chair arm. The final image, 15-inch deep layers of snow in a circle half on and half off the glass table is an omen. Everything is temporary, in motion. Enjoy it now because unseen forces are at work and this moment is fleeting.

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