Ski and Snowboard Report for 3/27 – 3/29

Welcome to another weekend friends! Although many “downstate” and smaller resorts are closed for the season in preparation for golfing – a number of “up north” resorts are still in full swing through at least this weekend. Check out our previous Fall Line Post for who’s still open.

We are impressed by the number of events still on the agenda, some of them going into the second weekend of April. This weekend kicks off with the infamous carload days happening at Marquette Mountain, Miller Lite Ski Championships at the Highlands, as well as The Boyne Downhill.

The weather appears to be more like winter than spring for the weekend, with a bit of snow forecasted for Sunday – didn’t we predict snow one more time this season? This will most likely be our last weekend wax recommendation of the 08/09 season. However, don’t put your skis/boards away just yet as our spring prep article is in the works as we speak. Along with your input on what you would like to see for the summer and next season! Stay tuned.

Now, wax em’ up and get out there – make the best of this last weekend of skiing & snowboarding!

Northern Lower Peninsula:
Temps will be below average for typical spring conditions, snow is predicted for Sunday and we’re sure you can plan on corn snow!
Wax Type: CH8 (red) is going to glide well in the cooler temps and hold up well under the abrasive corn snow conditions. No need to mix at this time.

S.W. and S.E. Lower Peninsula:
All resorts that we know of are currently closed for the season

Upper Peninsula:
Temps are on par with December, mid 30’s if you’re lucky. Expect corn snow conditions with new snow in the forecast for Sunday.
Wax Type: CH8 (red) is going to glide well also in the UP as it would in the LP. Conditions are similar, abrasive corn snow. No need to mix at this time.

Taking on The Boyne Downhill this weekend and looking for more speed? With temps and conditions in the UP and LP very similar, this combination should work well for both areas. Typically in our speed wax recommendations, you’ll notice we approach it from a budgeted standpoint and point you toward the LF (low-fluoro)… This weekend we’re pulling out all the stops and throwing in some HF (high-fluoro) as well.

Base Wax Type: LF8 (red) let cool to room temp and scrape.
Top Wax Type: HF10 (yellow) high-fluoro, let cool to room temp, overnight would be better, scrape and brush “thin-to-win”.
Keep an eye on the hill conditions as the day goes on, temps are sure to fluctuate on Saturday. If it stays relatively cold, aprox 38 or colder, apply a bit of FC8, cork and brush before your run. If the temps start to creep up above 39-40, stay away from the FC8 and use a bit more of the HF10, corked and brush before your run.

Good luck to those at the Boyne Downhill and we’ll see you on the hill!

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