Work Hard For the Money

I had lunch last week at the Bungalow Inn. It was a rare opportunity to have lunch by myself and catch up some of the reading material that piles up on every busy person’s desk. I asked for two things that were not on the menu and do you know what the server’s response to my special request was? “That’s no problem! We can do that for you!” Talk about service! My server didn’t know who I was or that I would be writing a column the next day read by hundreds of business leaders. She just wanted to please her customer and provide the highest quality service.

As we gear up for the busiest season of the year – and in a year where we need to capture every dollar we can – each of us needs to make sure that our service and quality is the highest it can be. Consumers have more choices than ever and many of them have less money to spend, so resolve to make each customer glad that they spent money with you! Take someone by pleasant surprise this week!

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