Can People Count On You?

Cindy Vasquez of Northwestern Bank in Manistee is a stand-up kind of gal! Do you know Cindy? She’s the chairperson of Manistee’s Blossom Boulevard Committee – the folks responsible for making sure visitors to Manistee are greeted with a riot of petunias along US 31. Cindy is also the chairperson responsible for merchandise for the 2009 Manistee National Forest Festival. Cindy is an example of the most valuable of all community volunteers – when she agrees to do something, it gets done. We’re lucky to have her!

Last week, I attended an event where the speaker noted that “if people can’t depend on you 100% of the time, they really can’t depend on you at all”. That’s a pretty powerful statement and I couldn’t help but think about the dozens of volunteers the Chamber depends upon every day to step up and make Manistee County a stronger place to do business. So thanks, Cindy, for being someone Manistee can count on!

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