Mindy Jo’s Easter Surprise

Sometime between dinner and dessert on Easter Sunday, Mindy Jo took a spill.

No, not a glass of milk.

Minding her own business at her Aunt Bille Jean’s and Uncle Jim’s, she quietly walked through the living room weaving through a sea of chairs. Snagging her foot on the final one, she took a dive.

A header into the rolltop desk.


Blood, and a trip to ER the next town over, K-town, for some stitches on that pretty face.

Her Mom, sister Missy and I accompanied Mindy Jo on her rendezvous with sutures.

We were in such a hurry, she threw on her Aunt Billie’s coat and away we went.

After the ER episode, we swung over to our place ~ Russ-Stick Acres ~ for a quick peek at Luna, our new calf.

The cows sensed Mindy Jo’s special personality.

Mindy Jo is a lot like Luna.

Curious. Young. Beautiful. But strong.

I experienced her strength that afternoon.

Holding her hand, sitting on the ER stretcher along side her tiny body, I marveled at her ability to stay still while the doctor froze and sutured her cut.

No tears.

Only a smile now and then.

I didn’t raise any girls.

I didn’t experience a sister.

But the girls I have known through my family are tough.

Boy tough.

Mindy Jo is no exception.

Mindy’s calm, gentle way reminded me of another kind, caring soul that Easter Sunday.

One who had endured pain, blood, and death on the cross.

For us.

Mindy Jo was happy, regardless.

And she had a new purple bracelet to wear for the remainder of the day.

I look forward to the day Mindy Jo can move permanently up to our neck of the woods.

The North.

Where she can experience farm life.

The old-fashioned way.

Horses, cows, chickens, pigs, sheep.

Mindy Jo will be a fit.

Roy Rogers says it all with his list.

Roy Roger’s “Rider’s Rules”

1. Be neat and clean.
2. Be courteous and polite.
3. Always obey your parents.
4. Protect the weak and help them.
5. Be brave but never take chances.
6. Study hard and learn all you can.
7. Be kind to animals and care for them.
8. Eat all your food and never waste any.
9. Love God and go to Sunday School regularly.
10. Always respect our flag and our country.

Until tomorrow ~ God willing,

Or as Roy says…

“Until we meet again, may the good Lord take a liking to you…”,


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