New Game, New Rules


Do you recognize any of these terms? If you knew that learning these terms could make your business eligible to do business with the City of Manistee Housing Commission, HUD and other federal agencies, would it be worth the time to learn them?
The Manistee Area Chamber of Commerce is teaming up with the City of Manistee Housing Commission to make sure that local vendors and contactors have all the information they need to do business with the Commission and other Housing and Urban Development (HUD) agencies. The Manistee Housing Commission has been tapped to receive project money from the Stimulus package and this opportunity for investment comes with tight oversight and requirements for ALL vendors.
The Manistee Chamber and the Housing Commission are sponsoring two separate Contractor/Vendor Briefings to inform local businesses about the requirements for becoming a vendor for the Manistee Housing Commission and other HUD agencies. This information is essential and may be your company’s best opportunity for new revenue in the next 2 years. This 90-minute session is being offered twice – Tuesday, April 21 at 8:30 AM in the City Hall Council Chambers and Wednesday, April 22 at 3:00 PM in Council Chambers. There is no charge to attend this briefing but space is limited, so reserve your seat by emailing or call the Chamber at 723-2575

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