Reduce, Reuse, Recycle in TC!

I just learned about the coolest recycling network right here in the greater Traverse City area–TC Freecycle. It’s part of a nationwide network that’s all about…

– keeping things out of the landfill.
– sharing an item that retains usefulness.
– clearing out our unused clutter.
– community.

The Traverse City chapter began in May 2004 with the goal of reducing waste by connecting individuals who are throwing away goods with others who are seeking them. These range from furniture, clothing, appliances, computers, and everything in between. But everything must be FREE. This past week I’ve read offers of: a purple couch, a snow blower, an oak upright piano, boxes of books and requests for: baseballs, anything with an engine, 2 x 4s, bikes. Truly soup to nuts.

TC Freecycle has more than 2300 members sharing in this trash to treasures project. Now that spring clean-up season is upon us check it out yourself at

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