Spring on the Farm

Yes, spring is here.

Our two piglets are on order.

Two more weeks to go, then we pick up the 6-week old little bundles of squealing joy.

Am I excited?

You betcha.

We enjoy raising pigs.

No CAFO’s here.

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations.

Bring back the family farm, folks.

If you’re new to the way most of America farms, click HERE to see what I’m talking about. Take a moment, watch the video.

If you would like a comparison, and missed this original story, CLICK HERE for Weeble’s the Piglet (Part 1).

It’s a testament of how a family farm, us, Russ-Stick Acres, farms their pigs.

You decide…CAFO or Family Farm?

Until tomorrow ~ Part 2 of Weebles coming your way ~ God willing,


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