Tug on your Heart Strings

AC (Animal Control) Ellen has a new pup.


Tug joins the ranks of many a critter who have come to Ellen’s Serendipity Ranch to be healed and homed.

Tug’s the pup who never should have been.

His mother, a Siberian Husky, came to the shelter, with a belly full of pups.

She carried the litter while ill, delivering in the shelter.

Tug battled the effects of an unhealthy, and unwanted, beginning.

And won.

However, just when he thought it was safe to come out of the water, disaster struck again.

Days ago, Tug was rushed for emergency surgery for an obstruction.

He now has a belly full of stitches and staples, from stem to stern.

With proper treatment, and a lotta love, he’s surviving.

And thriving.

He’s a fighter ~ and will make one heck of a sled dog from the looks of it.

Nothing will stop this little guy.

Tug is now enjoying the freedoms and tomfoolery that Spring at Serendipity Ranch provides.

Enter Odie.

185 pounds of curious boy.

Odie also found his way to AC Ellen, via the shelter.

He may be “Odie slow”, but once he gets going, watch out.

It’s like being on an NFL playing field.

Feet compliments of AC Ellen.

Nera, also an adoptee, steps in.

Passing the baton.

It will be interesting to follow Tug on his journey as a sled dog.

Let’s hope the first couple months of his life proves to be his most difficult.

Until tomorrow ~ God willing,


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