Whine Blog Issue VI – Primavera! Italiano for Springtime!

Well officially it has been spring now for 28 days but in Northern Michigan that usually doesn’t mean a whole lot! Yes we had some good days then there were the days that just a sprinkle of white dust would throw us into a downward spiral. But it seems with these days that are hitting close to 60 degrees us Northerner’s are bringing out the shorts, the sandals and the patio furniture!

As for what this all means for us here at Ciccone Vineyards well it means getting ready for summer. We pruned the vines (yes our brave crew of men and women were out there on those cold winter days), we are replacing vineyard post, bringing out the lawnmowers and sweeping away winter. A little Spring Cleaning!

Also starting this time of year we a mini assembly line because we are going to be starting to bottle the 2008 white wines so starting in May or June look for a new Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio! But in the mean time to tie you over I have some great suggestions for a light spring sipping white wine!

Nectar 2007 – named because according to Tony wine is of course “the nectar of the gods”! This smooth clean white wine is a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio. It has a sunset gold color and nice delicate fruit aromas. It’s claim to fame at Ciccone’s is that we pair this white wine with a Northern Michigan sunset! Look for it at the tasting room or local stores for a price around $14-15.

An all around favorite at Ciccone’s is the 2007 Gewurztraminer. A tangy citrus delight in the mouth with enough sweetness to satisfy. This slightly fizzy white wine goes nicely with sushi or something very spicy! You can pick up this wine in our local Tasting Room in Suttons Bay, Michigan for around $15-$16.

So clean off the patio furniture, sweep off the porch, light some candles, invite some friends over and tell them to bring the wine! It is Spring!

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