A-Tisket, A-Tasket, A Green and Yellow Basket

Don’t miss out folks ~ 10 more days to take advantage of the early discount for the Meet the Mushers event.

We are having a special feature this year. “Bid on a Basket!”

Silent auction bidding on a picnic basket of your choice. The winner receives the basket…and the Musher it is assigned to!

You will have the opportunity to have a light supper picnic with Dee Dee, Ryan, or Jason after the presentation on Sunday, if you are the lucky winner!


A delectable dinner with Dee Dee, talking dogs.

Reminiscing with Ryan about races, analyzing runs and hearing Redington stories.

And last but not least, jawing on some jerkey with Jason, shooting the breeze (and maybe the bull), with Beargrease Barron.

Don’t let August pass you by, only to look back with regret for not attending.

Musher Tim Riley will also be speaking and Ann & Will Rowland are returning again this year to sing and play!

Act now and save!

Come on ~ join in! Your friends will be here!

Until tomorrow ~ dreaming of baskets and bidding ~ God willing,


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