Amish Attitude

Today’s the day.

Our annual trek to the Amish horse and carriage auction. Yoder style.

While chatting about our Saturday trip to see the Amish, Rustic Russ and I both agreed ~ we mirror the Amish in many of our thoughts and ways of doing business.

We like things natural. The way God intended them.

And so do the Amish.

Just this week, we got “the call”. It’s that time.

The cows need to be poked and prodded, tested and tagged. (Click HERE.)

Notice the earring on Dixie. It can track her every move.

All in the name of safety, even though our gal never leaves the farm. Nor never will.

Say we desire to take Dudley down the road to another farm, to pass on his registered Dexter qualities with another bovine beauty?

It requires a moving permit.

Little Luna will soon join the ranks of the monitored.

The Amish have fought hard for their right to be left alone.

Schooling of their children, slow-moving signs, the draft, not participating in Social Security.

They are fighting again.

The ear tagging of their animals. (Click HERE.)

Let’s hope this isn’t the further demise of the small family farm.

Until tomorrow ~ we’re off to see the Amish ~ God willing,


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