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Tuesday night Horse Show.

To be quite honest I raised an eyebrow, or two, when Rustic Russ stated he was going to take his horse, Raz, and head to Kalkaska, the next town over to the Tuesday night shows.

You see, Rustic Russ isn’t competitive.

Rustic Russ isn’t showy.

However, his explanation was he wanted to see how Raz would do.

Last summer, Rustic Russ and I would head over on Tuesday nights, loaded down with Zip and a pizza to watch all the participants. Rustic Russ would mutter between bites of pizza, “You know, I think Raz can do that…”

To head 13 miles down the road, several things needed to happen.

Lights needed to work on the trailer/truck combination. That took some doin’.

In the horse world, before taking your horse around others in a public place, you need a Negative Coggin’s Test. So, Rustic Russ lined up a trailer and a truck (with lights) and a good friend, to haul Raz to the vet for the test. Just a formality. Results were faxed to our horse friend neighbor on Monday night, just in time. And of course, Raz passed the test.

However, when Rustic Russ went to load Raz into the borrowed truck and borrowed trailer (with fixed lights), Raz was hesitant. This was a new twist, as Raz always just walked right up in the trailer, as if excited for the adventure to begin.

Rustic Russ took a couple hours to work with the boy. Raz loaded, and unloaded. And then stuck his head in, and backed out. And tried it again. They ended on a good note, as always, with Raz peeking in the trailer.

In the end, Rustic Russ took the trailer back.

Unloaded the saddle and all the tack.

And took the truck back.

Rustic Russ said it just didn’t feel right.

All that borrowin’.

And Rustic Russ is a “go by the gut” kinda man.

We had a larger truck at one time.

And even a horse trailer.

But our plan was to make our world small.

Our 40.

Rustic Russ is used to riding Raz where he needs to go.

Same with our sled dogs. If we can’t go from home, it’s not going to happen.

It was a push to us, to use our animals “old school”.

That being said, he might try again next week. For the “Shore to Shore” equestrian trail hike.

He’s going to chew on it.

Mull it over.

Until tomorrow ~ enjoying our 40 ~ God willing,


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