Engulfed by Golf

My son, Mark, has been playing golf for nearly all of his quarter century on earth.

I recall one of my proudest moments as a mother.

It was at a Michigan Jr. PGA Final when Mark was about 15. It was his second year at the finals.

One of the fellow golfers was nervous that day, as he wasn’t doing so well on the course.

The boy was literally petrified as to how his father would react. However, Mark’s gentle nature calmed the boy and Mark assured him he should relax, and be proud of his accomplishments.

That, and seeing Mark shake everyone’s hand while exiting the course that day, made me one proud Mama.

It was difficult when Mark decided to join his older brother, Charlie, in California to attend golf school, where green grass was plentiful year ’round.

Saying goodbye to old friends and family was heartwrenching.

But it was necessary to follow a dream, just like his brother had done, when he left Michigan to head to California to produce films.

Attending golf school, working at a long-standing golf course after graduation, playing in front of a T.V. camera, a Nike contract, and playing the PGA apprenticeship circuit was the payoff for Mark.

“The only time my prayers are never answered is on the golf course.” Billy Graham

Prayers were answered, and things rolled along good for Mark last week.

PGA Tournament. 72. In the money. 4th place.

I only wish I could give him a hug…and congratulate him in person.

It’s wonderful to follow your bliss.

Until tomorrow ~ proud as heck Markie ~ God willing,


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