Frigid Frolic

This weekend, during our first “Frolic”, it finally sunk in.

We will be having three amazing Iditarod mushers travel by plane to stay at our place.

Dee Dee Jonrowe. Ryan Redington. And Jason Barron.

We’ve been working hard to get ready for the big event.

And we want to thank our friends who also worked very hard on Saturday during our first Frolic.

Amy/Jordan/Ryan/LuLu/Francie/John and Justin. And Joy ~ for trying to reach us.

Trails were raked, brush was cleared, trees fell, chain saws were buzzing.

As usual, we persevered through the cold, rain and wind ~ just like Mushers do.

Blisters ensued.

Brats were cooked over a camp fire.

Toes were cold.

Hands were colder.

Comfort was put on the back shelf.

In other words, it was Heaven on Earth.

The outcome will be amazing.

Mushers will emerge from surrounding cities, and states, not to mention Beaver Island… and fill the 40 acres in August.

To camp.

To cook.

To chat.

Talk dogs. Lots and lots of “talking dogs”. That’s what we Mushers do.

All coming to see Iditarod mushers in person.

Up close and personal.

What makes us Mushers do what we do?

Well…it’s all about the dogs. It starts with the dogs.

And ends with the dogs.

It’s just that simple.

Until Tomorrow ~ and the next Frolic, join us won’t you? ~ God willing,


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