Gone Fishin’

Springtime in Michigan is an angler’s dream,,,.and for good reason. With so many beautiful lakes and streams, the fishing options are endless. They can can range from fast paced smelt dipping in gallon buckets or riding through the open waters charter fishing on the Great Lakes. Others may seek out a quiet afternoon on a winding stream casting for the elusive trout or tossing a line out for perch from a pier. For others, the perfect fishing experience is trolling for crafty walleye from a small boat in the backwaters of a dam or joining in a bass tournament on a quest for prize money.

My dad was an avid trout fisherman, so the opening day of trout season each year was always a hallowed event at our house. Many an opening day there would be concerns about “ice on the lines”, with chilly temperatures, but no matter the weather, he would leave early and come home late…always with a smile on his face, regardless of whether he caught anything or not. I’ve come to understand there is a certain bonding that is often a part of fishing. When I was a young girl growing up in a small town it was not uncommon to see a “Gone Fishin” sign in the window of a store on opening day….somehow we lost something when that changed.

One of my all time favorite books, Trout Madness, written by Robert Traver, a former judge in Marquette Michigan , is written in a rambling prose style that transports you along in his beat up old fish car to some of the most magical places one could ever imagine.

I liked the smiles on the faces of these folks in the slide show as they proudly display their catch on the DNR website. You may enjoy them as well.


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