My Mother’s Day Surprise

As the day nears the end, and another Mother’s Day has passed, I am reminded of all things cyclical.

My thoughts turn to Freddie the Leaf.

If you have never read the book, “The Fall of Freddie the Leaf”, by Leo Buscaglia, you must seek it out. (Click HERE.)

It’s a book about a leaf…Freddie, who experiences the cycle of life that a leaf must take.

It’s touching. It’s teaching. It’s a tender moment to reflect on life. And death.

We have Freddie moments at our place.

It’s inevitable when you take in older dogs, knowing you will see them through their geriatric years.

I suppose as a sled dog kennel we could just raise puppies every so often, and give up our older dogs to other suitable homes, but that’s not how we roll.

We enjoy the older dogs, with their sage wisdom and spirit.

Out of our 19 dogs, 17 are over 7 years of age.

One is going on 18.

So, we must steel ourselves for the inevitable.

For the cycle of life.

The first moments of Mother’s Day saw our precious Scooby struggle to rise.

Upon doing so it was evident she had lost most control of her back legs, although she was able to wobble forward with effort.

It was also evident that she, too, was also surprised by this new encumbrance.

Although being sedated for possible pain, throughout the day she strove to play with Zip, and follow Rustic Russ’ movements on horseback.

We’ll see what today brings. X-rays that = despair, hope?

Scooby was Rustic Russ’ very first rescue. Over a decade ago.

She made the transition from sled dog to house dog beautifully, fighting back her natural instincts to seek out the spring bunnies, or the free-ranging chickens.

She is our guard dog and takes pride in announcing visitors.

We pray her time isn’t up yet ~ that she has more golden years to share.

Until tomorrow ~ in God’s hands ~ and truly God willing,


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