Out Among the Amish

Culture shock?

Not for us.

Certainly, not for Rustic Russ.

We had a wonderful time at the Yoder Horse and Carriage Auction in Mount Pleasant.


Fancy Schmancy.

Can you say “Wedding Bells”?

Speaking of weddings…

Our friend, Amy, accompanied us on her first visit to a Yoder Amish Auction.

Amy being single, I couldn’t help but gently nudge her during the horse auction, as we sat high up in the stands with a bird’s eye view.

Try as I might, I was looking for the man without a beard.

Which, if you are Amish, means you are a single man.

Or, if that didn’t work…a cowboy.

You gotta love a cowboy.

Yes, even an Amish cowboy.

We viewed so many Amish couples.

Amish families.

Adolescents perhaps experiencing Rumspringa.

(Click HERE to see what that’s all about…from a man who grew up Amish.)

And just regular folk, in work-torn Carhartts, who just happen to love horses.

And love to be around them.

Until tomorrow ~ God willing, and God bless the Amish,


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