Spring on the Farm ~ Continued

(To view Part 1 on MyNorth, go to “All Blog Posts”, it’s worth the walk.)

Yep ~ it’s that time of year again.

Time to plan for the summer garden.

For me, one of the most exciting steps isn’t mulling over the seed catalogs.

It’s spreading manure.

It’s knowing the nutrients of the manure created by our well-fed farm animals will be serving a purpose.

The nitrogen-rich chicken manure, not to mention cow and others will ensure a soil suitable for a King.

It’s a simple cycle, and one that has been working well for centuries.

Tomorrow we head to the Amish.

Follow along, won’t you?

Until then, as promised, here’s Part 2 of Weebles ~ the Piglet. Click HERE.

In addition, here’s a great read to head you into the weekend.

It’s from Joel Salatin from Virginia’s Polyface (many faces) Farms. Click HERE.

TGIF ~ Today’s Gift is Farming ~ or Today God is First,


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