The Equine Equation

Upon arriving home Friday night, I found company in the corral.

And excitement.

Excitement about being outside, the sunshine, the warmth, the horses.

Young Landon wanted to get cozy with our horse, Buck.

Why is it that children and horses calm each other?

They “know” each other. And it only takes minutes.

I met my new horse tonight.

My rescued from the Range at age 10, dead broke Mustang.

All those years, as a stallion.

And he’s missing a chunk off his beautiful nose to prove it.


‘Chero for short.

However, something very unexpected happened upon arriving at Hobby Horse Farm.

Chero has been with “Calvin” ever since Calvin was adopted from the Range, at the age of three. (Click HERE.)

Calvin, now age 16, and Chero, age 19, have come together, as a duo, to HH Farm.

Back to the place and people who originally rescued them.

The Troyers.

And now, we have decided to take one into our fold, with Troyer’s blessing.

However, upon meeting Calvin…I connected.

I hadn’t even gotten out of the truck when I saw him.

He was like a mature Nauish, our young, black Mustang beauty.

Could it be the full moon playing tricks with my heart?

I feel like a teenage girl at the Prom, with the wrong date.

Pining for the boy at the next table over.

Upon meeting Chero, I loved him too.

Lucky for me, Rustic Russ understands my dilemma.

Perhaps we take them both and keep them together forever.

As a team.

However, only one will become my horse.

That special equine/human relationship that is unbreakable. Undeniable.

Until tomorrow ~ still deciding ~ God willing,


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