Week’s End

Some weeks start out rough.

This was one of those weeks.

Lots of doctor’s appointments. Dentist drills.

And vet visits.

However, when the dust settled, it wasn’t so bad.

Our precious Scooby, who began the week with a wobbly walk, is now doing better.

She gave us quite a scare.

We weren’t ready to say goodbye just yet.

Her 90# frame has some issues.

A small handful of old ruptured discs, now arthritic, proved to be the culprit according to the film taken by our local vet, Dr. Dale.

Rest and recuperation, with some steroids tossed in, is what the doctor ordered.

We should have our old Scooby back in no time.

She’s looking forward to returning to normal too, as any working dog would be.

Because as we all know, dogs are happiest when they are working.

Until tomorrow ~ feeling blessed ~ God willing,


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