Whine Blog VII – Gewurztraminer!

Guh – vertz – trah – meener

Meaning – Spiced Traminer

The history of this grape is a bit complicated. It is most commonly known for its German orientation. Hence the odd sound, hard to say name. But it originally started in Italy in a little village name Tramin.

It is a pinkish hued grape that produces naturally sweet, light, crisp and fruity. It is a bit fussy about its soil and climate. It buds early, which means it is susceptible to frost, but it needs dry warm summers, but will do okay in these cooler climates.

At Ciccone Vineyards we tend to lean towards making our Gewurztraminer in the Alsace style than the German style. It is more on the dry side and a strong citrus quality – grapefruit and lemon – with just enough sweetness to balance to acidity. A nice summer wine that goes well with spicier food or Asian style food.

It may be harder to say but you know how it goes the more you drink the better at it you get!

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