Bundoran Farm conservation development responds

I received this nice letter below from Joe Barnes at Bundaron Farm after posting about his wonderful conservation development. I want to share it with you. I love his comment about the TV reporter. This is how all development should be:


Thanks for writing this post about Bundoran Farm. I would encourage anyone who hasn’t visited our website www.bundoranfarm.com to do so. Or better yet, visit Bundoran Farm in person.

One bit of caution, don’t expect to see a big difference from what existed before development started. Even though great progress has been made in building roads and house, it is tough see. Given our overall development approach and how we are laying lightly on the land, it almost looks like nothing has happened.

Recently I was meeting a TV reporter out at Bundoran Farm to for a story. She was a bit late to the meeting because she had been driving up and down Plank Road (the state road that runs past/through Bundoran Farm’s 2,300 acres) looking for a development and couldn’t seem to find one.

She was a bit surprised and pleased to find out all the beautiful agarian landscape around her was Bundoran Farm and that it is possible to both protect/preserve the character and use of the landscape and still provide opportunities for families wanting to enjoy all life experiences the Albemarle County countryside has to offer.

Joe Barnes”

I think I may visit Bundoran Farm to shoot some video footage and interviews as part of our work at LandChoices to promote conservation subdivisions.

Are you considering making a visit to Bundoran Farm?

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