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Recent federal scrutiny into hazing and initiation practices has really put a damper on the intern experience here at I started work here a few weeks ago expecting to undergo brutal tests of endurance and fortitude to earn my place, but I was disappointed to find a friendly office environment that has unconditionally accepted me. The epic initiation I had expected never came: no tests, no challenges. That’s why I’m turning to you. Please haze me.

[Hazing is endorsed by neither, nor its affiliates, and the previous paragraph is less clever than I think it is.]

In truth, I’m new to the area. I’m not a Northern Michigan native and, having grown up south of Detroit in Lincoln Park, I don’t think I’m the most qualified person to be planning my summer activities. I want to be told what it is I must do while I’m here. I’ll make this promise: tell me what to do and I’ll make my best effort to do it and write about the results. That’s right, I’ll be the ultimate follower, every parent’s nightmare, ready to jump off the bridge because the other kids are, or because one person commented on his blog and told him to do it.

My first thought was the outdoors: trails, campsites, things I wouldn’t be able to find on my own. That’s where my interests lie, and it’s fairly low cost (see rules below). As I thought more about this; however, I realized the great potential here. So, if there’s:

-a trail I should hike

-a route I should bike

-a lake I should bum a boat and paddle

-a spicy burrito at a certain restaurant I should eat

-a festival I should visit

-a local I should meet

-a karaoke bar I should visit and belt Gordon Lightfoot songs

let me know. There are more possibilities, I’m sure, but I’m not the expert. Basically, though, tell me what to do and I’ll do it, and then report back.


Try not to make me spend too much money. I promise you, I don’t have it.

That’s about it. Maybe there are more rules to come, but I don’t want to quash creativity and it’s time to leave for the day, so I’ll stop here.

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  1. Well, Nathan, we’ve gone easy on you so far, but it looks like you’re begging for a beating. We’ll have to put our heads together and come up with a few rituals to make your internship seem bona fide in your eyes.

    Meanwhile be sure to ask Jeff to put you on his Northern Lights call list. This authorizes him to call you at any hour of the night when the Northern Lights are strutting their stuff.

    Full moon hike to Pyramid Point is one of my favorites.

    Annual free concert at the Dune Climb in Glen Arbor. Check out the events calendar for the date.

    The Film Festival is a must. If your schedule allows you might consider signing up for some volunteer shifts. Great way to meet people, plus, you the Festival treats its volunteers really well.

    More to come. We’re glad to have you this summer.

  2. Nathan ~ Head over our way. Antrim County. Come in August and meet Iditarod musher’s (Dee Dee Jonrowe, Ryan Redington (whose grandfather founded the Iditarod), and Jason Barron, also a generational Iditarod musher. They are flying in from Alaska/Montana to share their adventures. Sit around the campfire and hear tales from the trail. Come a couple days early and catch the full moon from a rustic cabin (complete with outhouse) a.k.a. the Bear’s Den. (Appropriately named due to the proximity to the berry bushes…) As you drift off to sleep, you’ll hear the nightly howl of our Siberian and Alaskan sled dogs, signaling it’s time to call it a day. Enjoy a horseback ride on our wooded trails. And, of course, our farm animals. You mentioned the outdoors…festival…trails…campsites. Look no further. Hope to see you…you’ll be glad you came. Russ-Stick Acres

  3. Nathan, here’s a fun and cheap day in Lake Ann.
    Go to Ransom Lake Natural Area. Bring a good book to read on one of the bridges or benches. And bug spray!

    Visit Lake Ann Grocery, a true general store with many hidden treasures. On Fridays, hot dogs are two-for-one. Head across the street to the park for a picnic, then get something frosty from Cory’s Cones.

    Head a block west and check out the little Almira Historical Museum, where you can learn about the big fire that destroyed every building in town except the aforementioned store.

    Play some tennis on the usually-deserted courts at Almira Township Park.

    Take North Long Lake Road back to TC and stop for Dessert Round II at Moomer’s. Must do!

    Have fun,

  4. Well you have to do the Dune Climb, Pierce Stocking Trail, in the Sleeping Bear State Park (it’ll cost some to get the summer pass and you can enjoy the Parks all summer long).

    And paddle the Crystal, especially shoot the tube, while you’re there. My fave refreshment place is Boondock’s deck.

    Spend a sunny afternoon on Omena’s beach the prettiest bay in my opinion. When it gets too hot, grab pop in the Omena Bay Country Store an wander up the hill to the Tamarack Gallery (which is a little like an art exhibit. Finish with a great beer from Knot Just a Bar and sit on the deck. Still daylight? hike Kiehl lake, totally secluded.
    On Fridays in Northport there’s a free concert on the lawn by the beach. Race to catch the sunset at Peterson Park’s Bluffs.

    You could spend a week touring wineries. If you can only get to one, Willow’s view is as stunning as its Rose’.

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